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The solutions of MDR Marca designed for the petrochemical industry range from the petrochemical heaters to many other products, designed and engineered for the specific needs of the sector.
The petrochemical industry is mainly engaged in production of semi-finished products, using as raw material natural gas or hydrocarbon fractions from the distillation of petroleum. Characterized by excellent manufacturing capabilities and a low value-added per unit of production, the petrochemical industry is adapted for the application of economies of scale.
Petrochemical plants are characterized by large size, and then suffer the limit dependent on shipbuilding technologies available.

The products of the petrochemical industry are usually defined intermediate products: in fact not reach the end user market but are used to carry out the synthesis of other molecules.

The distinction between “petrochemical processes” and “refinery processes” lies in the destination of products: products obtained from crude oil are in fact intended for the production of energy (that are used as fuel), while petrochemical products are used as materials.

The petrochemical heaters are necessary to heat some derivatives as asphalts, bitumens, oils, that need to be brought to very high temperatures (500-600 degrees) to be machined, as they are solid or little viscous when treated at low temperatures.
These heaters can be used for numerous processes in the petrochemica industryl, ranging from simple oil heating to complex refining processes.

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