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The Galvanic Technology is the technique by means of which it is possible to coat a certain meterial with a layer of more noble metal. The galvanic heaters play a key role in the smooth running of the galvanic technology process. MDR Marca produces a wide range of heaters for galvanic plants, providing its customers high quality and high reliability products.

The galvanic technology processes can be divided into several categories:

  • Hot dip galvanizing: Consists in the immersion of the steel in the molten zinc, having an average temperature of 455° C. Thanks to the pre-treatment in a bath of molten salts of zinc chloride and ammonium chloride, the steel alloy to the zinc giving a superior corrosion resistance compared to the technique of electrolytic zinc plating.
    The process involves different phases: pickling and degreasing, obtained using hydrochloric acid and surfactant at ambient temperature; flushing, the immersion in a solution of ammonium chloride and zinc chloride; galvanizing by immersion, after preheating at 100° C thanks to galvanic heaters, in a bath of molten zinc at 455° C for the time necessary to ensure that the steel reaches the same temperature of the zinc.
  • Continues hot dip galvanizing: The continuous process is very similar to the hot one, but it is performed on tapes or steel wires, allowing to treat in a continuous and rapid way large quantities of material. The material is unwound, passed in tanks that provide its preparation cycles, introduced into an oven heated by heaters for galvanic plants, that leads it to a uniform temperature and finally passed to a tank containing an alloy of zinc and molten aluminum. The tank can be heated by monotube immersion heaters or by galvanic armored heaters.
    Then the material is cooled and rewound on reels (for the wire) or on coils (for the tape). The continuity of the process is obtained by soldering the tail of a tape to the head of the next.
  • Zinc electroplating: The material to be treated is prepared (pre-degreased, pickled and degreased). Then the material is immersed in an electrolytic solution containing zinc salts. It is finally created a flow of current between the workpiece and the solution to deposit the metallic zinc on the surface of the piece itself.

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