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Heating elements for fume abatement


Always very attentive to the environment and to ecology, MDR Marca offers its customers a lot of offers for heating elements for fume abatement, ideal for incinerators and plants for smoke removal.

The harmful emissions produced by many industrial processes (such as the glass factories, the incinerators sector, the plants for the disposal of used tires, the creation of alternative energy by waste fuels) must be torn down.
The heating elements for fume abatement are intended to lead to a proper temperature the fume of the plant to avoid the production of “dioxins” or of carcinogenic products and to ensure that during the winter the temperature of the smoke doesn’t create an excessive amount of condensation in the filtering equipment, which would cause the clogging of the plants because of the slush.
The role of the heating elements for fume abatement is therefore that of overcoming the so-called “dew point”, the temperature at which the condensation dries, and does not reform: the air passes repeatedly between the heating elements, and with this recirculation action you get a very good thermal efficiency.
Even in the collection hoppers of slag can occur the same drawback: in order to eliminate the condensate, some heating elements for fume abatement are applied on the walls between the reinforcement bars, in order to heat them for direct contact.

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